The Manara family is one of the oldest among those working in the field of viticulture in the territory of Ziano Piacentino. Already in the thirties they participated in the important National Exhibition of Table Grapes held in Piacenza and rated among the first, with the brothers Vito and Tino willing to transform themselves to start producing wine grapes. It is in fact the Manara Brothers Winery that in 1939 put the first label of Gutturnio on the bottles. Today, the property situated in the hills of Ziano Piacentino Val Tidone extends for 40 hectares of vineyard. For some years the Manara winery has upgraded its facilities, aiming to link the baggage of traditional knowledge with modern winemaking techniques and take up, in the Piacenza and national landscape, a position based on the quality of a selected product, unique and unmistakable, with original characteristics.
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