Set in the small village of Vicomarino, in one of the better geo-climatic strips of the Ziano Piacentino hills, the Ferraia Agricultural farm consists of 40 hectares of vineyard and a building used for the cellars. For the Manara family the quality of the wine comes firstly from the vineyard, that gives the grapes their characteristics of the soil and of the area in which the vines are grown. Each vine has its own distinctive quality, flavour and personality and that is why each one, over the years, has been allocated to a vineyard according to its characteristics, an adequate plant density and a right yield per hectare. The care of the vineyards has therefore become a combination of tradition and technological innovation. The classic form of cultivation in Guyot was thus innovated with short pruning methods in order to limit the productivity of vines, and vineyards were submitted to turfing tests to reduce the production and curb soil erosion. The serious attention given to the vineyards throughout the period necessary for the development of the vine and the ripening of the grapes, is not neglected even during the harvest, in which the use of modern harvesting equipment has created the right balance between quality and technology.
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